Power of the Wave 1



One of my WAVE SERIES I love watching the Sea and was inspired to create a series of paintings endeavouring to capture its wonder.

This painting imagines being inside the wave, the beautiful white lacing represents the sea foam and spray and contrasts against the depth of the 

Colour in the shadow of the wave.


Indigo, deep turquoise , pearlescent waterfall green.

Painted in  Resin on a deep edged wooden panel.

50 x 40 cms.

Ready to hang

Signed on the back

Style Abstract

Unique piece

Marilyn's creative process means that no two of her paintings will ever be identical. She uses pouring methods and high flow inks to blend colour and canvas, drawing inspiration from nature and the cosmos, most notably, images from the Hubble telescope to create shapes and patterns that are alive with exuberant colour and movement.

This artwork is unframed but is coated with a satin varnish that protects the work from UV light.

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